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Since Covid started to emerge itself last Spring Chinatown SF has been hammered by a string of events. First tourism and visitors plummeted by over 70% as people stayed away because they thought they would contract Covid by being near Chinese Americans. This was especially disheartening as in the Bay Area we tend to view ourselves as inclusive and most would not argue that within 50 miles of San Francisco is the most educated population in the United States. Unfortunately, that education didn’t prevent people from staying away due to unfounded and false fear Chinese Americans would spread Covid-19 to them. This was a MAJOR problem as Chinatown SF depends on over 50% of it’s revenue from outside visitors such as tourist. Then the next blow happened… the state of CA locked down the entire state for months decimating small businesses which depended on daily revenues to stay alive. Then came the social justice protest and riots which destroyed and looted Chinatown businesses which made a bad situation that much worse. And to make things even worse crimes against Asian/ Chinese Americans EXPLODED in the Bay Area where we’re at… especially against the elderly and women.  The violence against the Asian community created MORE fear for visitors going to Chinatown and San Francisco which keep many people away.  

Enough was enough… I couldn’t sit back anymore and just watch the community which helped shape me be destroyed in front of my eyes. Chinatown SF has quietly existed in the USA for over 170 years and was crumbling before my eyes.  On May 22nd me and good friend Chris Chow met with community leaders to discuss our plan of holding the largest car show in the history of Chinatown to help bring traffic and victors back to Chinatown. All proceeds for this event will be donated to Chinatown Merchants United Association of San Francisco (EIN 84-4767424) which is a 501c non-profit established to help merchants and the citizens of Chinatown SF.  This event is born out of our desire to help give back to Chinatown SF which has given so much to both of us and helped shape who we are. Chris as a child would go to Chinatown SF with his father to buy groceries from their home on the peninsula. While I spent most of many summers with my brother with my Grandmother in Chinatown in a SRO (10×10 room) off Pacific Ave… we were poor but rich with life and love from our community. We feel it is our obligation to help since we have the means and I the platform to help drive support from our car community.